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Cornwall Caricatures

Voted Cornwall's best Wedding Entertainer*, Cornwall Caricatures provide quick-fire caricature portraits drawn live in around 5 minutes per person. Using a range of black and grey pens, Cassie's caricatures create laughs and giggles aplenty for not only those being drawn, but the crowds that gather in awe to watch the likeness take shape. Guests can be drawn on their own on A4, or in groups of 2, 3 or 4 on A3 card.Cassie has been described as 'The Kind Caricaturist' with a portrait style taking the perfect mix of exaggeration and flattery that subjects love. With a bubbly personality that puts her subjects at ease, Cassie can draw either mobile at the table, or create a seated caricature area to keep your guests entertained. All of Cornwall Caricatures' Facebook reviews are 5*, and the testimonials from happy customers speak for themselves. Cassie also creates caricature place cards as an alternative to the traditional place setting. *Simply Weddings Awards - November 2017


Live caricature portrait drawing
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