Manifesting and performing incredibly memorable ceremonies with Love! Available in UK, Greece, Cyprus. Contact for availability, please. ''Always a great honour to lead a wedding ceremony. I am delighted to have this wonderful privilege of creating something phenomenal and unique for each couple. My aim is to engage your guests and give you all an incredibly unforgettable ceremony!' There are 995 words that describe the word ceremony. I add your stories, your characters and personalities, your loves and hates, your lives as they were and how they are and how you plan your futures. In your own style. I add your Blessing, Invocations, and give you vow ideas to inspire you. I perform the wedding rituals from a list you can choose from. I create warmth and atmosphere, I warm up your guests so they are engaged. Taking them on an unforgettable magical journey. I add your intimate thoughts and promises. Your Dreams. This is what I do. Life is busy crazy! So come to the expert and let's give you the ceremony you deserve! Every ceremony is bespoke and copyrighted, unique to you! ALL THE WISHES! Esther is a fully insured celebrant, public speaker, entertainer, performer, author/writer and stage manager. Degree in Humanities, qualified Montessori Teacher, Holistic Therapist) In my spare time, I volunteer a Namaste programme at Hospices, and support Charities supporting Dementia, Faith to Faithless, LGBTQ Organizations and Humanists.


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